Daily Prompt

Hope is something small; like the first glimpse of spring or a shimmer of dawn. When encouraged, hope grows. When smothered, hope dies. Sometimes hope just merely survives. And if it can survive, one day it may thrive. Most days, I do not have hope. I live in the dark; there is no room for light. But now and then the cracks in my mind give way and it seeps in. That light is my hope. My hope survives.



So I always dreamed of writing whatever I want, whenever I want, how I want (with as near to perfect grammar and punctuation as possible, of course). I never imagined I would create my own blog, bu…

Source: Me, Myself, and I

Some problems never find solutions. There isn’t always resolution.

I wish that I could find a way to make a better life one day-

But it seems I’ll sit here idly until I’m sick of all of me.

Not one word, no change, no situation could bring for me a revelation.

Why do I wish and pray for more? I’ll never move beyond that door.

I’m scared- I’m weak and without strength

I’ll wait. Just wait.

No more. No more.