Daily Prompt

Hope is something small; like the first glimpse of spring or a shimmer of dawn. When encouraged, hope grows. When smothered, hope dies. Sometimes hope just merely survives. And if it can survive, one day it may thrive. Most days, I do not have hope. I live in the dark; there is no room for light. But now and then the cracks in my mind give way and it seeps in. That light is my hope. My hope survives.



Some problems never find solutions. There isn’t always resolution.

I wish that I could find a way to make a better life one day-

But it seems I’ll sit here idly until I’m sick of all of me.

Not one word, no change, no situation could bring for me a revelation.

Why do I wish and pray for more? I’ll never move beyond that door.

I’m scared- I’m weak and without strength

I’ll wait. Just wait.

No more. No more.