Me, Myself, and I

So I always dreamed of writing whatever I want, whenever I want, how I want (with as near to perfect grammar and punctuation as possible, of course). I never imagined I would create my own blog, but now the need is dire. Now that I have finally accepted who I am, a writer – yikes – I am more alive than I have ever felt. I hope that through my poems, shorts, random thoughts and expressions, other people can find joy. Even though a lot of what I write is not joyous or romantic, I hope it evokes whatever emotions someone may be looking for.

I don’t like to divulge to much information about myself, maybe because I find that information irrelevant. How I write and what I write says more about me than I ever could. Assumptions and judgement are all welcome and all that I write is open to interpretation. Enjoy (or don’t) and I’ll keep writing.